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Traditionally, different choice of time or space in knowing the world between the east and west forms two kinds of sciences. Traditional western knowledge considers space as the primary and time as the secondary with the former governing the latter, while traditional Chinese knowledge goes the other way round.

Therefore, the former knowledge lays emphasis on being itself while the latter one on image. Knowledge of image can be classified as image science adopting the method of regarding beings as a natural whole and that of image analogy. The substance of image is Qi (Chi).

Different from a real substance and physical field, Qi is a substantial existence in which the property of time, which constitutes the other half of the world, is predominant. Traditional Chinese medicine is a representative of the image science. Break through of traditional Chinese medicine studies will certainly revive the image science, essentially significant to human future and health.

Traditional Chinese medicine is the study of human physiology & pathology, and disease diagnosis & prevention, a system of medicine gradually developed through long-term medical practice. It carries rich experience & theoretical knowledge escalated since antiquity.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a comprehensive system of medicine, directed by concept of holism & syndrome differentiation, based on physiology & pathology of viscera & meridians, it diagnoses according to concept of holism, and treats by syndrome differentiation.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a comprehensive system of medicine characterized by its own theoretical basis and practical experience. It includes herbal medicine, acupuncture and other non-medication therapies. Owing to its unique paradigm and remarkable efficacy with fewer adverse effects, this system of medicine has been attracting more and more interest internationally.

The ancient Chinese believed that there is a universal life energy, called Qi, present in all things ranging from infinitely tiny molecules to living breathing human beings.

Visualize if you will, rivers that flood and cause disasters or an electrical grid short-circuiting that causes blackouts etc.. This is what happens to our somatic and spiritual landscapes when our Qi is not flowing harmoniously.

This Qi circulates throughout the body along specific pathways or meridians. As long as this energy flows freely throughout the meridians, health is maintained, but once the flow of energy is blocked, the homeostatic system is disrupted resulting in pain or illness.


Our short term Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) training programs in China open to applicants from worldwide at levels, from beginner to advanced.

Programs available, but not limited to below:

- TCM Internal Medicine Study Program
- TCM Internal Medicine Clinical Training / Internship Program
- TCM Herb Study Program
- Acupuncture / Moxibustion / Cupping Study Program
- Acupuncture / Moxibustion / Cupping Clinical Training / Internship Program
- Tuina / Cupping Study Program
- Tuina / Cupping Clinical Training / Internship Program
- 4-Week Intensive TCM Theory / Acupuncture / Moxibustion / Cupping / Tuina Basic Program
- 3-Week Acupuncture / Tuina Program For Weight Loss
- 4-Week Acupuncture / Tuina Program For Locomotor Sysytem
- Other TCM Programs and Tailor-Made Programs

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